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Quiet Storm founder and executive creative director Trevor Robinson, chose this ad because…

I find it genuinely entertaining and it’s really well crafted. It’s a great insight from the creatives, who have obviously had this inner rant themselves many a time. It ties up the concept well and I get a clear message of what the ad wants me to do, as opposed to many radio ads where I get to the end and feel generally confused about life.

As soon as I heard David Mitchell’s voice – and I hope it isn’t that I’m just a bit “poshist” – I wasn’t thrilled. I find his voice pretty grating. Despite that, I really enjoyed his delivery on this. He seems the perfect casting to encompass that uptight, London feeling.

Obviously, with radio, the visual aids that are your usual shortcuts are disabled. To create something like this, a brilliant script that doesn’t feel rushed at all, can be supremely difficult.

Ad Credits:

Creative agency BBH London
Client Sheridan Snellgrove, head of brand UK
Creative team Grant Codron and Adrien Raphoz
ECD Tom Skinner
Producers Charlotte Lipsius and Zaf Choudhury
Studio Grand Central
Sound designer George Castle
Voices David Mitchell and Louise Ford

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