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Matt Davis executive creative director at Red Brick Road:

I chose this ad because… It’s a moment to savour. You’re in subterranean Soho, blood sugar high from complimentary mini chocolates. The sound designer leans back on the not-inexpensive chair, flicks some buttons, and aurally takes in 30 seconds of greatness.

A satisfied sound designer is music to my ears: they’ve brought to life a neat, underwritten script full of potential and imaginatively delivered a corker. Like this idea that buses, thanks to TfL, now run like clockwork: a true, nicely landed phrase, crying out for complementary and original sound.

Cue an anticipatory chin-scratch followed by the clever harnessing of effects, beats, tone, rhythm, ticks, tocks, bells and whistles into a taut bit of sound design that incorporates a chirpy-yet-not-too-cockney voice delivering a straightforward script. The sewing of sounds into a fun, simple and memorable radio ad.

Ad Credits:

Client TfL
Agency VCCP
Copywriters Gary Walker, Huw Williams
Creative directors Matt Lever, Hugh Todd
Producer Sydney McGauran
Facility house 750mph
Sound engineer Mike Bovill
Voice Ewan Bailey

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