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Come The Glorious Day co-founder and creative director, Matthew Anderson chose this ad because…

… Picture the scene. I’m 22. My creative director and client like my script and I’m excitedly about to record my very first radio ad… with none other than Tom Baker, my Doctor Who!

At the studio, my producer hands him the script and he reads it. Slowly he looks directly at me, and in his booming voice says: “Who wrote this shit? It doesn’t say who, or where I am meant to be. I’m not reading it.”

Bubble well and truly burst.

That’s why I like this ad – it does what mine failed to do. It paints a picture. It takes you somewhere. It doesn’t just tell you, it lures you in. It teases you. It engages. And none of us in the office knew it was going to be for a TV series until the end.

Job done, you’ve got me. I can picture the scene.

Agency Sky Creative Agency
Creative director Alastair Austin
Creative director and copywriter Oli Francis
Copywriter Matthew Read
Producer Rupert Savage
Facility house Envy
Sound engineers Dave Williams, Arge, Rich Martin
Voice Rose Williams

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