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Judge: Andy Fowler, executive creative director, Brothers and Sisters

I chose this ad because…

“Beef fairytails” is my winner for a very simple reason: it’s entertaining. Wow. Radical, huh?

We listen to the radio because it turns car journeys into sing-songs, or gives us a chuckle while we’re cooking a Sunday roast.

So here comes the shocking bit: radio ads need to be as entertaining as the shows they play in, or their only job is to kill the atmosphere. Like playing Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now at a wedding reception.

Fast-food brands like McDonald’s and KFC are tackling fears about their ingredients, and they’ve run straight at it. Here’s a fairy tale about our beefburgers. It’s fantastical, like all the other silly rumours about what goes in them. And fairy tales are a funny and entertaining vehicle for storytelling on family car journeys.

“Now that myth has been cleared up, can we go to McDonald’s, mummy?”

Ad Credits:

Agency Leo Burnett
Creative Ben Newman
Creative director Graham Lakeland
Executive creative director Chaka Sobhani
Producer Adam Furman
Studio Factory Engineer Dan Beckwith

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