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Judges comments:

“Choice of voice clinched it. The lazy, nasal, can’t-be-arsed, tired-with-life drawl was a genius find for this one of a pair of note-perfect anti-Valentine’s Day spots.
It wasn’t just that the voice nailed the idea, but also that the team and client understood that this spot would be placed slap-bang in the middle of the pop-fuelled, snazzy world of a commercial radio channel. The voice will have stood out a mile from the friendly DJs, high-energy stings and the latest Katy Perry anthem. Really good use of radio.
Very big shout out to McDonald’s “McCafé”, which came an incredibly close second. Both ads were written for real ears, not ad dears. I listened to them all as a chocky-and-coffee-loving punter, and they were both packed with the kind of wit and writing that would make my mum chuckle. Nice one, radio scribblers.” Dave Monk, Executive creative director, Publicis

Ad Credits:

Client Kit Kat
Agency JWT London
Creatives Will Wright and
James Lucking
Producer Tash Bedford
Facility house Hogarth
Engineer Leaf Troup
Voiceover James Humphreys

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