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Judge: Ryan Newey, founder and executive creative director, Fold7

I chose this ad because…
With charity ads for the NSPCC and Alzheimer’s in this month’s shortlist, it’s difficult to compare with commercial spots. So I judged on which made the most of a core, everyday challenge: to make even the most uninteresting sound interesting.

Putting messages to music is a simple mechanic that gets a message hummed by the nation. Once, such ads were a staple. Kia-Ora’s “just for me and my dog” was regularly sung in my home and “I’m a secret lemonade drinker” conjures fond memories. And that’s why I’m picking the KFC ad.

Simple and effective with its cute little ditty, it’s short and sweet at 20 seconds. Too many creatives seem to feel longer on radio is better or somehow more complete; neither is true. So at a time when we need smiles, bring on more ditties. “Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo…”

Ad Credits:

Client KFC
Agency BBH
Creatives Claire Stokes, Maria Sousa Machado
Producer Tandy Tatter
Production company/sound house String and Tins
Engineer Joe Wilkinson

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