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Rosie Bardales, Chief Creative Officer and Partner at BETC London chose this ad because…

…Writing good radio is quite difficult because it not only has to be entertaining, it also has to do the job of finding a truth that connects to the listener.

That’s why I’ve selected Bonhams as the winner. It’s truthful, light-hearted, has nice storytelling that takes the listener on an entertaining 30-second journey and a great VO artist, paired with a cheeky vignette that many women – and men – would relate to.

A lot of times, people think shouty radio ads are the way to go. But unless they’re truly entertaining and unexpected, come at you with a truth at their core and truly connect, well, they’re just that: shouty.

I think this ad proves that less is more and the power of a good VO artist to engage a target audience with a bit of wit and charm.

So, well done team. Good luck radio fans.

Ad Credits:

Client Marc Sands, marketing director, Bonhams
Agency Paul Burke
Creative Creative/Creative director/Producer Paul Burke
Facilities house GCRS
Sound engineer Culum Simpson
Voices Rebecca Front and Robert Bathurst

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