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Mike Sutherland, executive creative director, Adam&Eve/DDB chooses ‘Meat the German Boss’ for GDK as this month’s winner of the Aerial Awards because…

…we have a thing at Adam & Eve called a ‘Dafuq’. Essentially, a ‘Dafuq’ is an idea that’s so leftfield it’s totally bonkers… but totally brilliant.

And we try our hardest to put a ‘Dafuq’ idea on the table in every client presentation.

Well, this month’s winning ad is certainly worthy of a ‘Dafuq’.

I’ve heard lots of radio spots advertising this sort of thing before. And to be honest, almost all of them sound exactly the same. They’re all saying the same thing in the same way.

But I’ve never heard it done like this before. So, hats off to the creative minds behind it. It’s a rap song. A rap song about doner kebabs. A rap song about German doner kebabs. Seriously ‘DAFUQ?’ It’s bonkers. It’s funny. It’s well written. It stands out a mile. And that’s why it’s this month’s Aerial Awards winner. 

Ad Credits:

Creative agency The Leith Agency
Creative Chris Watson
Producer Sarah Kenny
Facility house Clearcut Sound Studios
Sound designer Ed de Lacy
Voice Big Zuu

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