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A big deal – Slide

by The Gate, London | Chiltern Railways

Judge Caroline Pay, joint chief creative officer, Grey London

I chose this ad because…

THEY ACTUALLY DID IT! Simple as that. 

We’ve all tried to sell in a “probably genius, but really, really difficult to make” idea that gets killed before it’s even seen the light of day. These days, the things that seem too tricky to make are often left by the wayside in favour of the “easy sell”. Nobody wants to rock the boat, now, do they? 

So, hats off to the team that wrote this one and sold it, the client who bought it and the producers for doing such a slick job at recording at speed in a 178m slide. In fact, my only issue is that it may be too well produced to sound like it was done for real. But it was. I’ve seen the evidence. (I needed to, because I’m a cynical old ad bird. I’m pretty sure the audience won’t question it for a minute.)

So, next time you’re not selling or not buying an idea because it’s just too difficult to make… rock the boat and make that one, please.

Ad Credits:

Client Chiltern Railways
Agency The Gate, London
Creative director Hugo Bone
Writer Claire Phillips
Producer Richard Donaghue
Facility house Gramercy Park Studios
Engineer Sam Cross

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